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Agriculture Sub-forum Inaugurated in Kunming “Internet Plus” on Promoting Yunnan Plateau Agriculture to Become Stronger

      With the rapid penetration of the“Internet Plus” into all sectors, agriculture has been witnessing its transformation from the extensive operation to the fine and digital development. Amid this period, rural e-commerce, agricultural products procurement and purchase worldwide will surely catch the opportunity of informatization of the whole agricultural industry chain. Nevertheless, how to promote the agriculture in China and South Asia region to become stronger by taking advantage oftechnological innovation of the Internet and industrial upgrading? At the Agriculture Sub-forum launched on Junell, experts and scholars, government officials, entrepreneurs and agricultural practitioners from China, India, Bangladesh and other countries delivered speeches and exchanged in_depth views over the topic of “Intemet Plus- the Accelerator to New Development of Agriculture Industry”, seeking for mutual cooperation and sound and sustainable development of agriculture.
      Mr. Sheng Jun, President ofYunnanAgricultural University and Dean of Yunnan
Plateau Characteristic Agricultural Industry Research Institute, emphasized in his speech that Yunnan must first elevate the agricultural production and service levels to realize the innovation-driven development, transformation and upgrading of agriculture; by givingfull play to its superiority in culture and ecological resources, integrate the primary, secondary and tertiary industries into a new-type agricultural complex, to raise the industrial added value and further boost Yunnan’s development toward the big brand, big data, big science and comprehensive health.
      Mr. Wei Yan’an, scholar engaged in the issues of agriculture, farmer and rural area, rural e-commerce expert and columnist of E-Commerce Reference, indicated that the“Internet Plus Agriculture” model was transformed mainly in information collection and analysis, production level, sales model of agricultural products and agricultural development model. At the same time, Mr Wei offered five suggestions on deeply promoting integration between the Internet and agriculture, continuously boosting technological innovation, following the development law of agriculture and improving farmers’ welfare.
      Integration of the Internet and agriculture facilitates the application of modern factors in agriculture, greatly narrows the distance between production and market,
elevating the efficiency andlowering the cost, thereby opening up a vast space for agricultural transformation, upgrading and development. At the Sub-forum, guests from South Asia region expressed their willingness of learning the remarkable model of China and their cooperative intentions.
      Former President of Bangladesh Indenting Agent’s Association(BIAA for short) and Board Director of Bangladesh Commerce Bureau(International Business Forum of Bangladesh), Mr. Mohammed Shah Jahan Siddqui, expressed that China has the world’s largest Internet users group, and the e-commerce became a major driver of Chinese agricultural transformation and development. In this regard, Bangladesh should learn from China in making better use of information and communication technologies, and issuing incentive policies and measures concerned by the government meanwhile.
      Having the largest arable lands in Asia, India still carried on the traditional labor intensive model in agriculture. Secretary-General of Indian Chamber of Commerce (Kolkata) and Director-General of Indian Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Rajeev Singh, showed that by drawing experiences from the“Internet Plus Agriculture” model of China, India was trying to facilitate its agricultural transformation and upgrading, elevate the agricultural production efficiency relying on information technology, promote the healthy and ecological farming model, and perfect the supply and industrial chains in agriculture. Under this background, India hoped to carry out the sharing of know-how and practice, set up the sharing platform and create cooperative opportunity.
      Centering on the two topics that how to reinvigorate the agricultural industry and empower the agriculture with“Internet Plus”, representatives from the governments, academic communities, industries, and enterprises exchanged views on quality control, marketing, procedure management, and other issues of the agricultural industry on the basis of their respective practical experiences, and reached the consensus therefrom.
      When it came to the topic that how to create the more individualized brand of agricultural product that was oriented to the consumer market featuring the upgraded demands, Mr. Zhao Yaqiao, Master of Social Forestry in the University of the Philippines, thought that the brand culture of excellent agricultural product could gain a firm foothold only when the consideration was given to the product quality and in-depth excavation of culture and emotion at the same time, rather than
purely promotion of the product. Mr. Chen Ningyi, founder of the“My Farm”, an investment platform, and trader of the“Pan Apple2.0”, said that the product quality was the key to determine brand value rather than marketing. More efforts should be made to strengthen the construction of agricultural infrastructure, so as to shape the capital and technology-intensive industrial layout from that featuring small, scattered and disordered.
      In terms of the quality control of agricultural products, Mr. Wang Tianquan,,Chairman of Yunnan Dianhong Group Co., Ltd., indicated that the essence of quality problem was the issue regarding agriculture, rural areas, and farmers; agricultural production and organization patterns lagged behind the development of market currently, and should be developed toward the orientation of intensification, standardization and intellectualization. Mr. Zhang Li, Founder and Executive Director o Beijing Super Trace Technology Co., Ltd., claimed that the“No Marketing” model should be applied in foods. By relying on the Product Quality Trace ability System, we should create excellent brand by high quality.
      As an important component of the12th China-South Asia Business Forum,,the Agriculture Sub-forum was sponsored by Secretariat of the China-South Asia Business Forum and Yunnan Chamber of Commerce for Young Entrepreneurs.

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