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Explore New Opportunities and Approaches for Regional Cooperation –the 12th China-South Asia Business Forum Inaugurated in Kunming

      The 12th China-South Asia Business Forum was inaugurated in Kunming on June 11, 2017. This session of the forum, lasting three days, included opening ceremony, keynote speeches, conclave named“Cooperation between China and South Asia Chambers of Commerce”, Promotion on Tourism& Investment& Trade in Nepal, as well as sub-forums featuring internationalization, comprehensive health, youth, consumption, and agriculture. Guests from South Asia countries and Chinese entrepreneurs engaged in fulfilling dialogs, and worked together to explore new opportunities and approaches for regional cooperation against the backdrop of globalization
      Organized by China Council for the Promotion of Intemational Trade, SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industry(SCCI), and the People’s Government of Yunnan Province, the China-South Asia Business Forum represented the first national cooperation forum established by the business communities of China and South Asia countries. Having been held in Kunming for 12 consecutive sessions, the forum has brought together India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Nepal, Bhutan, Afghanistan, and other South Asia countries.
      Themed“Challenging Opportunities- Job Creation and Investment Innovation”, the forum featured in-depth discussion over how to enhance the business policies on trade innovation, how to boost cooperation among energy, health care, agriculture, and other fields. The forum included multiple sub-forums highlighting internationalization, big health, agriculture, youth, and consumption.
      Themed“Conversations between Chinese and Indian Entrepreneurs-Regional Cooperation and New Vision, New Opportunity of Globalization”, the internationalization sub-forum was participated by leaders of economic field and business communities of both China and India. They offered keynote speeches and engaged in discussion that were both extensive and in-depth as to the new vision and new opportunities for the economy and business communities of China and India against the context of regional cooperation and globalization. As agreed among the guests of the two countries: as the two largest and the most populous countries with a total population of 2.5 billion, China and India boast enormous market potential; the similar and interlinked culture and mental state mean that they have much to offer each other among industries, and both countries stand to benefit alot if they cooperate in consumption, service, medical care, investment, and other fields.
      Themed“Innovation and Development of Comprehensive Health Industry”, the comprehensive health sub-forum elaborated on and discussed innovation-oriented development, new models, information services, and intelligent management and
services of the comprehensive health industry. The aim was to boost cooperation among participated enterprises and countries of South Asia, Southeast Asia, and beyond in commodities, capital, human resources, technologies, information, services, management, and innovation of the comprehensive health industry, and to shape a new mechanism of mutual benefit, win-win, and sharing.
      Centering on“Internet Plus-the Accelerator to New Development of Agriculture Industry”, the agriculture sub-forum explored how to reinvigorate the agricultural industry, and how to empower the agriculture with“Internet Plus”. Representatives of the government, academic community, industries, and enterprises exchanged views on quality control, marketing, procedure management, and other issues of the agricultural industry.
      Themed“Youth Internationalization and Future Innovation”, the youth sub-forum focused on a horde of young people who have succeeded in business, finance, management, and investment in the context of “Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation”. By offering keynote speeches and engaging in communication, the sub_forum highlighted how youth innovation is reshaping the age of big openness and big integration with concrete actions.
      Besides these sub-forums, consumption sub-forum“Night of Chinese Tea”, themed“Consumption Upgrade& Life Aesthetics”, entertained the attendees with an amazing cultural feast, emerging as one of the highlights of the forum. The forum venue featured tea, china, and silk, the most distinctive elements of Chinese aesthetics. It underlined two themes: maritime silk road and land silk road, and showcased traditional Chinese handmade porcelain, full 1:1 ratio replica of Gold- plated Tea Set of the Famen Temple of the Tang Dynasty, handicrafts of Yunnan, and other artworks. The venue also presented20 tea tables and Chinese flower arrangement, and invited20 tea people to demonstrate the charm of Chinese tea and Chinese aesthetics.
      China and countries of South Asia, bordering each other on land or facing each other across the sea, have along history of cultural exchanges and trade relations.Under the guidance of the Belt and Road Initiative in the new era, countries will work more closely together in pushing for bilateral trade, infrastructure cooperation, and the building of free trade zones. As a bridge of communication and cooperation, China-South Asia Business Forum will reveal the latest dynamics and prospects of China-South Asia cooperation, and serve as a cooperation platform for enterprise engagement, and upgrade the regional cooperation between China and South Asia to a higherlevel.

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