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Speech by Saquib Fayyaz Vice President of FPCCI on the Opening Ceremony of the 12th China-South Asia Business Forum

      Distinguish guests, policymakers, businessmen, media-persons and each participant of this wonderful program,   
      Very Good Afternoon!

      It is great honor and feeling of brotherhood to represent Islamic Republic of Pakistan including Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce& Industries (FPCCI).
      I would like to append my note of thanks and appreciation to-Government of Peoples Republic of China-Loving and Decent Peoples of China-People’s Government of Yunnan Province and organizer of such a wonderful and appealing program-The l2th China-South Asia Business Forum-2017. The theme- Challenging Opportunities: Job Creation and Investment Innovation-is the robust
effort toward sustainable development within SAARC region and globally.
      The rapid growth of China in last two decades-proved its metal and proposed the rest of world-the dynamics of sustainable development-700 million peoples upgraded their levies from deprived to descent middle class-is robust achievement of China-is appreciated with great wisdom.
      This model is success story and lesson to every nation-to grow with neighborhood nations and regions.
      The purpose of this conference is to find out the sustainable ways-to promote the trade and development-using innovations-Pakistan, India including SAARC nation’s-having60 percent youth with potential of professional human capital-is the market of innovation business entrepreneurship
      It is definitely the ‘moderate sector’ in SAARC region-to create ‘innovation’ as central element.employment and business opportunities using
      We have to link the manufacturing, textile, food items, electronic, auto-parts,,agriculture, transport, communications, renewable energy, small and medium enterprises etc. in framework of innovations to develop the youth as central economic engine. The expertise of China may need to link with SAARC countries to promote the regional trade and innovation-is ultimate need of changing economic time.
      The SAARC nations are facing income inequality-poverty and food crises is policy level challenge-the resource allocations and utilization is the serious issues -can addressed by innovative ideas and sharing wisdom-to combat the said issues and serve the humanity.
      The Trade Innovation, Technological Advancement and Exchange of Ideas are valuable-assets of growth and determinate of sustainability. The Global Innovation Index(GII) of China is the example of economic development. It should be spread- out globally-especially, in under developing nation-in context to promote the trade to societal development.
      How economy of Pakistan is emerging and contributing in development of SAARC region-I can proof with few facts.
      Pakistan is nation of 200 million_which reflect6th rank globally. The60
percent in rural and rest40 percent in urban. The metropolitan cities i.e. Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Queeta, Multan, Faisalabad and Peshawar are rapidly growing cities. The modern megacity infrastructure including metros and mass-transit are functional and rising the standard of living and mobility.
      60 percent of population less than30 years and Human Capital of Pakistan is emerging and contributing in economic development.
      The market size of Pakistan Economy is300 billion USD-having2.2 percent growth rate-the financial and economic determinate are robust. Hence, it is forecasted by global institutions that-by year2030-Pakistan would be20th Largest Economy of World with market size of 1.87 Trillion USD.
      And, in year 2050- Pakistan would be world16thlargest economy with market size of 4.2 Trillion USD-is the confidence of economic, financial, political and infrastructural stability.
      Within SAARC-Pakistan is Second Largest Economy and Fifth in SAARC& Gulf Region.
      Pakistan Stock Exchange(PSX) world best performing market and ranked 5th globally-where investment is high returned and safest throughout world. And, China is official partner in Pakistan Stock Exchange
      China Pakistan Economic Corridor(CPEC) is the investment of45 billion USD in Pakistan-is the sign of regional cooperation and potential of emerging market.
      With note of gratitude and confidence of brotherhood-I am ending my speech
with the great note of Mao Zedong.
      …We speak to no other country as frankly and openly as we do to you_
      Long Live SAARC and Pakistan
      Long Live China
      Long live China Pakistan Friendship

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